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The Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) – the main building block of the NextGenerationEU package, aims to support the recovery of Member States from the impacts of COVID-19. Based on the recovery and resilience plans (RRP) that outline the action areas on their policy agenda, Member States will benefit from approximately EUR 50 billion of loans and grants for health and long-term care.

Linking the disbursement of funds to the European Semester could give the whole process more teeth. Yet, there is a striking discrepancy between the growing number of health-related Country Specific Recommendations received in the past years (from 10 Member States in 2017 to 27 in 2021) and the relative size of grants and loans requested for health which differs greatly across Member States.

Against this background, the MEP Interest Group on Access will hold a webinar to discuss the monitoring strategy for the implementation of the reforms under the Recovery and Resilience Plans with a focus on their expected contribution in improving access to healthcare.

Join representatives of EU Institutions and stakeholders to discuss:

  • What concrete examples are there of reforms with expected direct impact on improving access to healthcare at the national level?
  • Will the short lifespan of the facility undermine the effectiveness of reforms with traditionally long implementation periods?
  • Is there institutional capacity at national and regional levels to аbsorb the funds? What other challenges are there which may hinder efficient reform implementation?
  • What instruments will the EC put in place to track progress / enforce the implementation of the proposed reforms with a focus on the health-related reforms aimed at improving access to healthcare?


  • Ms. Ingrida Pucinskaite, Country expert, SG RECOVER B.3, European Commission
  • Ms. Raluca Painter, Head of Unit, DG REFORM B.4, European Commission
  • Ms. Geraldine Mahieu, Acting Director, DG ECFIN B., European Commission
  • Mr. Giovanni Gorgoni, Chair of EUREGHA and Chief Executive Officer of AReSS
  • Mr. Juan José Fernández Romero, Policy Assistant, European Patients’ Forum


Start: December 9, 2021
3:00 PM (UTC/GMT +02:00 - Europe / Brussels)
End: December 9, 2021
4:30 PM (UTC/GMT +02:00 - Europe / Brussels)
Patient Access Partnership

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